The range of service, provided by the Law Firm, includes many divisions of law and it is rendered to entrepreneurs and other bodies that either perform as business entities or need to counsel other noncommercial matters. Court proceeding includes assistance in all parts of the case stages, conducted by official bodies, courts - full track of instance procedure by Lower and Higher Courts and the Court of the Highest Appeal.

Services and counseling include drafting documents and court case study that cover:

Penal Law
Pre-court proceeding and assistance in all stages, carried by official bodies and courts, standing as defendant’s barrister/advocate, plaintiff’s spokesman, private prosecution counsel, etc. The assistance is provided in all penal law matters as offence/misdemeanor, fiscal disciplinary reprisal. Legal aid is also provided to commercial entities that face charges in accordance to commercial body reprisal act.

Civil Law and Procedure

Pre-court Proceeding: i.a. commercial transactions counseling, drafting documents, mediation.

Court Proceeding: i.a. commercial litigation, assistance to plaintiffs, defendants; torts, remedies, breach of contract, damages.

Company and Trade Law: i.e. drafts and assessment of contractual obligations, breach of contract, litigation, company formation, commercial matters, perpetual and comprehensive aid to business entities and associations.

Family Law: i.a. heritage law - inheritance difficulties, last will and testament assessment, divorce proceedings, child custody and support.

Administrative Law: i.a. regulations, applications, licenses, permits, administrative remedies, lawsuits.

Labour Law: i.a. discrimination, wrongful termination of employment, employee retaliation.

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