Law Firm established by solicitor/advocate Paweł Surmacz provides legal services throughout Poland’s administrative territory and within European Union boundaries. The head office is placed in the city of Rzeszów. Consultations and legal aid are brought in two main languages, both Polish and English.

The range of service, provided by the Law Firm, includes many divisions of law and it is rendered to entrepreneurs and other bodies that either perform as business entities or need to counsel other noncommercial matters.

The Law Firm delivers wide range of service, from many fields of interest in law. The Firm’s domain is perpetual and comprehensive aid to business entities and associations. Legal counseling is also provided to individuals.

The Law Firm, firstly wishes to emphasize on its professional approach to business relations with clients, based on ethics and provision of highest standards. It has to be mentioned that the Law Firm’s commitment, experience and professional approach of Firm’s lawyers, guarantees discreet solutions and comprehensive advice.


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